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Did You Know That 98 Percent of Internet Marketers Fail in Their Network Marketing Business?

1. They think it is a get rich quick scheme and ones they realize they are not making any M.o.n.e.y after there first month. They quite and jump to the next program that’s out there. Very expensive thing to do.

2. They spend all there savings on the wrong kind of advertising and end up broke before they start earning a income. (Purchasing leads)

Ones you realize that network marketing is a long term investment plan to become financially successful the better off you will be.

Look at it this way. If you opened up a corner store in your home town would you really believe you could start making a profit in your first month of business. No of course not.
Well network marketing is no different.
The worse thing to do is to quite before you have even started and by that I mean you need to give it at least 6 months to a year before you start seeing Great results! If your not up to giving it that much time than please for your own sake don’t bother even trying.

Network Marketing is a Highly Lucrative Business and Will give you Financial Freedom!
But You Need To Give It Time To Grow!!

OK so now we have established that you have to be prepared to give network marketing at least 6 to 12 months time. How are you going to do that and how are you able to sustain the cost involved in advertising your business and your monthly fees associated with it. This is the problem that most of us get stuck with and quite! We end up realizing its costing us to much before we have even made anything out of our business and have no option but to stop.

There is a solution to this though, What if I tolled you a Secret that every top 2% of marketers use to fund there advertising cost and at the same time bring in endless amounts of targeted traffic to there internet business. If you can make a lucrative income of your advertising and create enough interest in your internet business your not only self funding your advertising but you are also earning and creating a flow of traffic to your Main Internet business for life. And it’s all automated!

That is the only way to sustain your income to cover your advertising cost and then within 6 to 12 months time you will have an exploding network marketing business to be proud.

I guarantee you!

Using Consultants to Develop Your Professional Practice or Small to Mid Size Business

A business and marketing consultant can contribute to the strategic direction of the development of a professional practice.

That sounds nice but what exactly does it mean?

The role of your business and marketing consultant is not to tell you how to do your job. It is instead to work with you to identify a clear vision for the future of your professional practice or small to mid size business and leverage resources so as to achieve your declared vision.

A business and marketing consultant is essentially a facilitator that brings an objective point of view as well as business and marketing acumen to your practice development process. This role can mean the difference between shaping the growth of your practice or business so that it will meet your goals and organic growth, which may not meet your goals.
A business and marketing consultant’s perspective is necessarily holistic. It accounts for the big picture of the practice and it involves:

  1. Translating your vision into specific, tailored business and marketing initiatives that are directly related to core strategies for every area of your professional practice or business including marketing, sales, operations and finance.
  2. Prioritizing focus on the most relevant segments of your market. In order to shape your practice or business in a specific way, you will need to decide whom you are developing it for. Once your target audience is defined it will be that much easier and cheaper to reach them with a compelling and effective message about your business.
  3. Identifying and building on the authentic point of difference of the business. The development of the point of difference of a professional practice or small to mid size business is a continuous process that requires nurturing, as it is vulnerable to becoming derailed without the appropriate focus and attention.
  4. Developing and communicating a message that is based on your core competencies and is also aligned with the needs of your priority market segments.
  5. Selecting the marketing vehicles expected to deliver the highest return on your investment. Where will you be able to generate the highest return on your promotional dollars: branding strategy, website, search engine optimization, advertising or other?

A business and marketing consultant can provide tremendous insight towards a greater vision for your professional practice or small to mid size business. This insight is most valuable when the consultant understands that it is your vision they are there to enlighten rather than their own. As with many other types of consulting arrangements, the ideal consultant will need to be aligned with your organization in terms of skill, knowledge and fit.

Networking for Business

The standard thing for an entrepreneur is to work hard, please his customers/buyers and expand his industry. But this is said easier then it is done. There comes a point in every business, once your reputation has been formed, and your client list expanded, where you are going to have to do a bit of networking.

This can involve networking with your competitors, not only to see what they are getting up to, but also to help one another out. There might be times when you don’t have all the resources and might want to include your competition to help out with certain angles of a service or product.

You might not be able to fulfil an order or require a bit of back up. Either way, being on friendly terms with the enemy might not be such a bad thing. As they say, “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

Another form of networking isn’t essentially networking with people of ones own profession, but rather of people that are on the same level. Knowing fellow business people that are in the same group might help when you need a random favour, or people to invest in your ideas.

People might be able to link you up or advise you on areas that you don’t know anything about, such as computer programmes or real estate. Because they are on the same level and you have found a relationship, trusting them with advice is better then a random stranger. Plus it works vica versa. They might need your help and you can gather up some favours.

Sharing business and advertising ideas is also another reason why people network. By getting to know others that have already paved the way, working out what their mistakes where or what they did right, will be good knowledge for you.

Ideally you want the relationship with fellow net-workers to be a mutually beneficial relationship. This is quite rare and doesn’t always end up that way, however these are the goals. Networking is about being genuine and authentic. Building trust is an important factor. You wouldn’t really want to help someone or take the advice from someone that you don’t believe in.

You shouldn’t, also, just keep in touch with people for the sake of networking. If their industry is really far from yours, and you have nothing in common with regards to ideas or clients, then rather let them go and concentrate on groups that you can offer something to and they can offer something in return.

Generally networking gets done through an event or knowing someone. The “masters” if you will call them, occasional will have dinners or meetings where they will invite people purely to network. These are the real opportunities in the business world and it’s all about making the most of them.